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Individual solutions for your industry

D&TS offers solutions for various industries for master data management, classification and eletronic product catalogs and spare parts catalogs. Ultimately, the quality of master data defines entrepreneurial success. Due to consistent data records companies can achieve improvements from most processes along the value chain. They will have more current information and can make more sound management decisions. Using modern tools based on KPIs (key performance indicators) enables companies to make confident landmark decisions. The goal is to reduce costs and to enhance efficiency.

D&TS has an extensive expertise in this area that you will benefit from

Machinery and plant manufacturing company


Your Goals:

  • Consolidating material master data locally and globally
  • Reducing procurement costs using consistent and classified master data
  • Consistent material short texts that can be generated automatically
  • Increasing the usability of parts and components
  • Facilitating and increasing the sales of spare parts
  • Increasing the master data quality

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Component manufacturers/


Your Goals:

  • Gaining new customers through eBusiness and digital exchange of product data
  • Increasing the master data quality
  • Optimal provision of product data based on eCl@ass classification
  • Competitive advantages through consistent, easily usable, classified data

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Your Goals:

  • Harmonized and transparent master data
  • Implementing savings potentials in purchasing
  • Reducing spare parts inventory and warehouse costs
  • Ensuring plant availability
  • Classifying spare parts

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