Classification and standardization for component manufacturers and suppliers

Today it is almost essential to classify products. Some of the reasons are the advancing standardization of the classification of products and the more intensive use of standardized data exchange formats like BMEcat catalogs. Large nationally and internationally operating companies and purchasing associations wish that component manufacturers and suppliers classify their product data according to a certain standard.

eCl@ss – the Common Language in eBusiness

eCl@ss works with a hierarchical structure consisting of four levels. Your products and services are allocated to the eCl@ss classes and provided with standardized properties. You receive a correct description which ensures that each part can be explicitly identified. This facilitates a flawless internal and external communication. You can use the product classification in order to create your own online product catalog. This even enables a parametrical search for attributes and attributes values.

Your benefits with D&TS:

  • Ihnen steht ein umfassendes Know-how zur Verfügung.You will have extensive expertise at your disposal.
  • You will use a proven methodology.
  • You will receive a classified data base according to eCl@ss very quickly.


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