Individual on-site eCl@ss consulting for machinery and plant manufacturing company, component manufacturers/suppliers and manufacturing companies

As official eCl@ss IT service providers, D&TS and CADENAS support businesses with the introduction of eCl@ss.

eCl@ss is the cross-industry product data standard for the classification of products and services, which has established itself internationally as the only industry-standard compliant with ISO/IEC. As official eCl@ss IT service providers, D&TS and CADENAS offer free, individually tailored on-site eCl@ss consulting for businesses.

Optimization for sales and development

The eCl@ss standard is especially recommended for classical applications in procurement, controlling and sales. Great potential to use also in enterprise-wide process data management and in engineering. During the consultation you will learn how you provide your customers with optimum data quality and which goals you achieve using eCl@ss:

Benefits for machinery and plant manufacturing company:

  • Local and global consolidation of material master data
  • Standardized classification of individual parts and assemblies
  • eCl@ss integration in engineering and purchasing

Benefits for component manufacturers/suppliers:

  • Developing new and optimizing existing customer groups through e-business and digital product data exchange
  • Increasing productivity and competitiveness through the established eCl@ss standard format
  • Increasing the master data quality based on the eCl@ss classification for products and services

Benefits for manufacturing companies:

  • Harmonised and transparent master data based on eCl@ss classification
  • Reduction of stocks of spare parts and reduce the storage costs
  • Ensuring plant availability

D&TS and CADENAS advise and support your company in all phases of the introduction of eCl@ss. Our company have many years of experience and innovative software solutions to efficiently implement your classification project.

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