Classification/standardization for machinery and plant manufacturing companies

Subordinated, not classified data records are continuously growing in an uncontrolled way. They include duplicates, false and incomplete information. Some parts and information cannot be retrieved, recreating it seems easier. But this leads to enormous costs. Classified data records are well structured and have a long lifespan. They allow data to be found quickly, a reuse of parts and a better management of products and services, and a more efficient use.

Classification Standard eCl@ss – for Sustainable High Data Quality

eCl@ss works with a hierarchical structure consisting of four levels. Your products and services are allocated to the eCl@ss classes and provided with standardized properties. You receive a correct description which ensures that each part can be explicitly identified. This facilitates a flawless internal and external communication.

Your benefits with D&TS:

  • You will have extensive expertise at your disposal.
  • You will use a proven methodology.
  • You will receive a classified data base according to eCl@ss very quickly.

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