Master data management for manufacturing companies

In many cases master data have poor quality. They were often created over several generations of employees. They can be inconsistent, unstructured and created according to outdated standards, frequently defective or redundant, and thus hard to access. In addition, they are often spread across several IT systems. Such data records make trouble-free business processes difficult. The inevitable consequences are faulty deliveries, claims, faulty orders and redundant inventory.

There are several reasons for this such as human error or employees have too much discretion of control. Other reasons could be a lack of standardization and missing system support. Using data from a data base minimizes human errors, explicit product descriptions and labeling eliminate discretionary power. The system supports creating data, while the explicit property structure facilitates a better understanding. Your processes can run trouble-free.

All areas of a company will benefit from a higher quality of your master data.

High Data Quality – Optimized Processes

D&TS harmonizes your data, and provides a consistent data base. We help you receive an effective data management and as a consequence an effective spare parts management. We create your master data from a data base providing each part with a consistent product description.

Harmonized, standardized data are the basis for an optimal strategy for warehousing. Your warehouse inventory is freed of redundant parts, and you store only the right parts finding very easily what you need most. The maintenance department has explicit order information that can be supplied quickly. The purchasing department saves money as they order less parts and can combine orders or order parts consistently across various sites.


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