Master data management

Quality master data are a success factor for companies. Each decision in a company is only as good as the data that it is based on. Therefore, a bad data quality means high and avoidable costs - especially in our modern information era. D&TS  cleans up your master data. By checking duplicates, consolidating, harmonizing and sychronizing master data we provide high transparency and quality. We focus on innovative software solutions that process big data volumes in a short amount of time.




We optimize your operation processes with standardized product master data - sustainably! eCl@ss is the only product data standard across industries for classifying products and services that has been established in the international market as an ISO/IEC complying industry standard. With eCl@ss classification you will achieve, among other things, a consistency of your material master and higher transparency and quality. D&TS  advises and supports companies as an official eCl@ss IT service provider in all stages of the implementation of eCl@ss or a company-owned classification system.


Parts management

The management of parts used in a company can be a significant cost factor. The goals of strategic parts management are reducing the variety of parts, reusing as many parts as possible, avoiding that your parts inventory gets out of hand - and accelerating central company processes while reducing costs.

To achieve your goals, D&TS  offers you an innovative offers you an innovative software for strategical part management.


Spare parts management

Making spare parts available to more potential buyers and gaining new customers has never been easier than in the internet era.D&TS  presents to you the standard software leading in Europe for the construction of electronic spare part catalogues or web shops.. We will be happy to provide you with advice in the conceptual design and implementation stage. As a service provider we can also create catalogs and web shops for you – allowing you time to focus on your core competences.





System solution for stategical part management

With this system solution you can efficiently manage the range of components and parts in your company. Parts that have already been used can be quickly and easily found, and reused. There is no need to spend money on recreating or reconstructing them. You will minimize the variety of your parts and accelerate your operating processes - saving significant costs.

With this system solution you will have access to 600 certified parts catalogs of international manufacturers. You can import the 3D CAD models of the parts and components directly into your CAD system. In addition, you will receive information about connections, manufacturing processes and assembly requirements of components and parts. You can also find spare parts in our customer's data bases very quickly.Of course you are able to add your own parts and products in this solution.

This solution for strategical part management is ready for multi-CAD and you can combine it with different CAD systems. Also there is an interface for PLM- and ERP-Systems.

D&TS will be happy to advise you, from implementation up to customer service.

Electronic product catalog

Electronic product catalogue, interactive spare part catalogue or web shop – whatever you want to be based we have the solution. The leading standard software in Europe is easy to use so that the customer can easily and intuitively create and use the electronic catalog. Your catalog can be published on the internet, intranet, on CD ROM or as PDF file. You can also connect the system to your ERP and warehouse systems.

This standard software for electronic spare part catalogues and service information systems can be adjusted to your individual wishes. For international use multilinguism is possible. You will benefit from low maintenance and usage costs. You will reduce the production time of your spare parts catalogsignificantly. Furthermore, your publications are always up-to-date as you work with a data base.

D&TS will be happy to assist you, from implementation up to customer service.


This tool provides the possibility to create class hierarchies in your SAP system structured according to eCl@ss. In an earlier process D&TS arranges your data according to eCl@ass and assigns business specific, relevant classes with associated properties. The hierarchical structure can be imported into your SAP system with ClassCOCKPIT TM.


  • creates a class structure (with classes and properties) and also evaluates them
  • allows a flexible definition if properties have to be created as object properties
  • allows updating object properties such as e.g. a material short text
  • allows deleting hierarchies, properties and classes
  • offers creating a standard layout for displaying the search results within your SAP class system
  • enables importing and adopting classification structures in your SAP system
  • offers creating a multilingual classification.

D&TS will be happy to advise you, from conceptual design up to support.