ECLASS – The standard for master data and digitalization

ECLASS has established itself nationally and internationally as the only ISO/IEC complying industry standard. ECLASS is the worldwide data standard for the classification and unique description of product master data. Apart from the classic applications in procurement, controlling and sales, ECLASS shows its particular strength in the use for cross-company process data management and in engineering. ECLASS has been established in industry, trade, crafts, food, services, etc. since 2000. The standard covers the majority of traded goods and services, in more than 45,000 product classes and 19,000 clearly described attributes. Thousands of companies already rely on ECLASS. Be part of it and use the potentials of this cross-industry standard for your company.


What are the advantages of ECLASS for your company?

ECLASS in purchasing and procurement:

ECLASS enables you to analyze and bundle the purchasing portfolio according to matching criteria. This makes suppliers completely transparent; all sourced materials and products can be compared by supplier. This stimulates competition among suppliers and helps consolidate the supplier base. Bidding processes can accelerate to more than double due to comparability.

ECLASS in sales:

ECLASS supports electronic marketplaces and electronic catalogs through digital data exchange. Catalog data is made available quickly and effectively.
ECLASS improves the strategic basis for decision-making as data is harmonized, processed in a meaningful way and shared with customers. This, likewise, strengthens customer confidence.

ECLASS in engineering and automation:

ECLASS supports the formation of cross-company process chains and the digital representation of objects (digital twin) through its clear properties. For this purpose, ECLASS currently offers the largest repository of descriptive properties based on international standards

ECLASS for processes and maintenance:

With a clear classification of products and services, you can find every article, you have an overview of stocks and delivery quantities, avoid duplicates and automatically place repeat orders. Media discontinuities are eliminated and manual data transformations become superfluous. This not only saves time and money but also helps to utilize production capacity, reduce capital commitment, increase throughput, optimize availability and avoid machine downtime.

ECLASS in controlling:

A uniform and consistent description of deliveries and services makes internal processes comparable with the market and helps to create charge rates, enables comparative cost analyses across all product groups and provides uniform structures for reporting.

ECLASS stays with you. Even if employees leave your company – the know-how remains with ECLASS.

What is ECLASS?

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ECLASS as a driver of digitalization

Drive digitalization in your company. Use ECLASS as a powerful tool for networking and digital exchange of information between machines and with your customers/suppliers.

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And now we look at the practical part – How to use ECLASS successfully and sustainably

We support you from the strategy to the implementation so that the use of ECLASS realizes its full benefit for your business. We always look at your overall strategic direction and operational practices to ensure you are best positioned for the digital future. Our secret of success as consultants is based on our holistic view because we not only provide you with consulting but we also carry out your implementation. We will be happy to inform you in our professional workshop.

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ECLASS keeps your product master data in order

Do you want to digitize your procurement process in maintenance? Then why not rely on ECLASS? The data standard smartly organizes your product master data (spare parts) and supports your maintenance goals. In this way, you effectively prevent system failures, minimize operating and maintenance costs, increase system availability and plan your costs ahead.

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ECLASS provides you with the structure, D&TS delivers the rest!

Would you like to take advantage of ECLASS to drive digitalization in your company? But you do not have the necessary expertise and resources to classify products according to the ECLASS standard and thus optimize data quality? Then use our data service:

  • You provide us with your product master data
  • We search for and find the right ECLASS classes for your products
  • We reclassify within ECLASS releases or also from ECLASS to another classification
  • We provide you with our ECLASS-defined practice-oriented property lists which you can specifically complement
  • We enrich your relevant properties with corresponding information from our catalog database
  • You receive the finished classification in the preferred format for your systems
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What sets us apart


We have more than 20 years of practical experience with the ECLASS standard. D&TS is preferred Partner Gold of ECLASS.


Your product data can be enriched with additional information (e.g., classification properties) from our catalog database.


In the design phase, we individually review your product data structures. Together with you, we determine the implementation measures according to your ideas and resources.


We provide you with the right tools to maintain your classification in the future.

D&TS develops a classification together with you – whether it is ECLASS, ETIM or self-made-classification!

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ECLASS white paper “Toward Smart Manufacturing with Data and Semantics"
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ECLASS white paper “Distributed Ledger-Based Infrastructure for Industrial Digital Twins"
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ECLASS Fact Sheet 2020
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Interesting facts

Free and interesting information evolving around ECLASS.

ECLASS white paper “Toward Smart Manufacturing with Data and Semantics"


ECLASS white paper “Distributed Ledger-Based Infrastructure for Industrial Digital Twins"


ECLASS Fact Sheet 2020


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