Initial consultation ECLASS: Together with NTT DATA

ECLASS – The Standard for master data and digitalization

What is ECLASS? ECLASS is the only standard that has established itself nationally and internationally as ISO/EC complying industry standard. ECLASS is the worldwide data standard for the classification and unique description of product master data. Beyond the classic applications in procurement, controlling and sales, ECLASS shows its particular strength in the use for cross-company process data management and in engineering. Complete and uniform master data are indispensable for automated and digitalized business processes, as are unambiguous terminologies. Because if they are missing, misunderstandings can hardly be avoided, leading to unnecessary delays and higher costs in the processes. Standardized master data and detailed classifications according to standards prevent these kinds of misunderstandings from arising in the first place.

Your Challenges

  • Decision for a self-classification or for a standard like ECLASS, ETIM, UNSPSC etc.
  • Development of a company-specific concept for a classification according to ECLASS (Basic/Advanced)
  • Mapping of market requirements regarding ECLASS
  • Definition of classes, properties, values and class hierarchy
  • Classification of own data according to ECLASS
  • Missing know-how and resources to set up a classification system
  • Avoidance of duplicates
  • Provision of various file and data formats such as BMEcat or CSV, XML, etc.
  • Different requirements of your sales markets in terms of product information, classification standards and their versioning
  • Missing transparency in spare parts management
  • Poor data qualityt

Our service offering

  1. Joint definition of the workshop agenda and determination of your focus areas and fields that you would like to map with ECLASS
  2. Provision and joint response to a questionnaire on ECLASS S
  3. Recording of the initial situation
  4. Development of a catalog of goals and requirements for a possible project
  5. Prototype on the example of two to three classes with customer data, first duplicate analysis
  6. Presentation of the key project milestones based on a roadmap for your management

With the workshop and data analysis of D&TS and the partner NTT DATA you have an optimal introduction into the goal-oriented use of ECLASS.

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