Simply outsourcing classification, master data and their maintenance

You do not have to do everything yourself. Why not outsource your master data and use your time and energy for your core business?


Even though master data is becoming increasingly important as a result of digitalization, companies still consider it and its maintenance as an annoying obligation that needs to be handled. The required know-how is often lacking. Employees, who actually have other tasks to fulfil, must also take care of master data. The result is often poor data quality from which many subsequent processes suffer. This leads to increased queries from suppliers and customers, high stocks and longer downtimes in the event of machine failures as spare parts or tools cannot be found. So, why not outsource your master data and let professionals take care of maintaining your data?

We at D&TS know what is important in terms of classification, maintenance and material creation.

Permanently save costs permanently through outsourcing



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