IT solutions

With IT solutions from D&TS and selected partner solutions, you have access to a portfolio that you can use to provide and maintain your master data in an ad hoc manner throughout the company and with maximum data quality. These independent solutions offer a seamless integration into your system landscape and can be flexibly connected to numerous other systems.

Your benefits:

Optimal data quality through rule-based data management and automatisms

Efficiency and productivity through automated data management in processes

Simple and flexible integration into your system landscape

Governance support through centralized data creation and change management

Security and transparency in your master data processes

Our Fiori solution for the integration of your customer-specific wishes into the SAP environment (in ECC / S/4Hana). The user-friendly interface increases acceptance, significantly reduces errors and makes you fit for the future.

Building classification structures (ECLASS and others) and hierarchies in SAP, made easy. This solution not only creates your complete classification data in SAP but also all the requested basic material data. You can conveniently decide between single and mass data creation. Pure SAP module.

The Synchro module synchronizes your material data, classification structures and content from two systems. It enables automated success control and offers specific options regarding the export quantity or the export period.

The classification module provides you with independence as you can manually classify data completely on your own. It allows you to build your own classification through your own Artificial Intelligence (AI) training sets, with information from manufacturer catalogs, defined sets of rules, and your own expertise.

The ticket system is a module for processing global material master data requests in the form of tickets. Each request generates a ticket (single ticket, multi-ticket). Workflows are secure and logical. Statistics and archiving of throughput times provide excellent transparency. In addition, the use is possible internally as well as externally, i.e., D&TS can also process your tickets and handle your classification.

The knowledge database includes numerous supplier catalogs and is constantly growing. For both existing and newly created materials, it provides classified standard and catalog parts and enriches your material master data. An integrated mapping system connects customer data with catalog data. The integration of additional customized catalogs is possible at any time.

Our Optimizer is the generic term for integrated and customer request-based sets of rules. Using simple keywords, the system recognizes which class the materials belong to, fills in the attributes independently, harmonizes the attribute values and displays the filling level. In addition, the system has a duplicate check function.

In the supplier portal, your suppliers themselves can process their data as desired and enrich it with information. Through a password-protected access, the supplier only gets access to his delivered products, enriches them and allocates the class if necessary.

Finding data instead of searching for it. Using Search, you can quickly and smartly find – based on a search algorithm similar to Google – your materials in the cloud. Search’s word analysis detects spelling errors and suggests the correct spelling.

* Potential duplicate query in the customer system by full-text search or differentiated property search
* Searching and finding material in the knowledge database (classified standard and catalog parts) by full-text search or differentiated property search
* Automatic material creation in SAP

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* Using this add-on, selected relevant class areas with attributes are built in SAP (language English/German, other languages on request).
* Flexible definition of whether attributes are to be created as object properties
* Enables import and transfer of company-specific classification structures into/to your SAP system
* Update to S/4HANA
* Building of multi-value attributes
* Creation of value lists when creating attributes
* Simple deletion of individual evaluations
* Flexible update functions for classification and designations
* Building and creation of classes and attributes in a convenient batch process


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* Material master and classification data from SAP are kept in synchronized with another system * Data is transferred using IDocs, new entries and changes are always provided in xml format
* Use of other data formats permitted (e.g., text files, extract from SAP tables MARA. AUSP, etc.)
* Automated success control
* Offers specific options regarding the export quantity or the export period etc.

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* Import of classification systems such as ECLASS, ETIM, UNSPSC
* Import/building of proprietary classification
* Import and export of classes, attributes, values (value lists) and evaluations
* Management of all data sets (evaluations) in the user interface (incl. processing, deleting, adding)
* Full-text and property search via the existing classification
* Management of hierarchies, classes, attributes (incl. definitions such as type, unit, decimal places in front and after of the comma, designations in the respective languages)
* Export of ClassCOCKPIT files
* “Locking” of classes so that simultaneous processing by multiple users can be prevented
* Interface for managing the values of a value list (multilingual)
* Checking of values (numeric/alphanumeric, number of digits)
* User management with the assignment of rights and roles in the administration area


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* Upload and download of templates (multi-ticket)
* Input mask for creating a ticket based on certain criteria (e.g. mandatory attributes)
* Upload and download of data sheets and images, etc.
* Easy management of requirements (e.g. mandatory attributes) in the admin area
* Easy user management, incl. rights and roles (admin area)
* Configurable e-mail notification (e.g. per status change)
* History and progress display
* Archiving of files and documents
* Comment functions
* Automated ticket exchange (if changes have to be made)
* Easy connection of multiple plants


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* Constantly growing database with classified data according to ECLASS
* Consisting of standard and catalog parts
* Customer-specific catalogs can be integrated
* ECLASS version 10.1 is set as a standard
* Mapping to other versions possible on request

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* Separation of attributes to enrich data (based on sets of rules) or to facilitate mapping to KNDB (Search module)
* Material short text generation
* Duplicate search (based on import data/customer data)
* Management/configuration of duplicate search (incl. sets of rules)
* Management and specification of standard names (e.g. per class)
* Improvement of data quality (e.g. harmonization of supplier and manufacturer names)
* Sets of rules for identification of drawing parts
* (Semi)automated classification of product data according to ECLASS
* Management of property lists
* Versioning of classification (ECLASS)
* Import of customer data for further processing
* Export of results

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* Import of product data (also data sheets, images, BMEcat, Excel templates)
* Processing of evaluations (data enrichment)
* (Semi)automated classification of product data according to ECLASS
* Import and export of Excel templates (evaluations) for direct processing


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* With this add-on, you can smartly search for your materials in a database (customer database, e.g., ERP system or in the knowledge database).
* This interface contains a simple and understandable search mask, divided into full text and property search.
* A material can also be searched for using sets of rules that have been previously defined.

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Intelligent master data management for your SAP S/4HANA migration

Start cleaning up today.

Start your preparation now
SAP will probably discontinue maintenance of ECC 6.0 in 2027.









Increase data quality

SAP S/4HANA Conversion Scenarios

New implementation


Greenfield approach

In the so-called greenfield approach, the existing ERP system is abandoned and a completely new system is implemented. Therefore, the company starts from scratch – or on a greenfield site. The relevant business solutions and data from existing SAP and/or non-SAP ERP systems are transferred step by step.

Upgrade to a new platform


Brownfield approach

The so-called brownfield approach, on the other hand, is suitable for companies that want to maintain their individualizations and changes. Here, the existing systems get an upgrade to the new version of the business suite. In the process, they will be converted to S/4 HANA step by step.

Landscape transformation


Landscape transformation

In this approach, several, already existing SAP systems are technically consolidated in a newly built S/4HANA system.

It is never too early to prepare

A lot of work in the preparation phase is independent of the selected conversion scenario. Above all, this includes adjusting your material master data to the new system. This task can be addressed before deciding on a specific path to SAP S/4HANA which facilitates the subsequent conversion phase.

How much attention you devote to this topic entirely depends on your requirements for data quality (and quantity) and ultimately also influences the time required for the conversion. Keep in mind that data in SAP S/4HANA is stored in precious main memory, and here you want to see only the important and current data. Older (and outdated) data or even duplicates should be cleansed or archived in advance.

Prepare now before it’s too late and start with high data quality in the new SAP system. We will clean up your data.

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Together with our partner products, we cover more advanced processes completely and efficiently.


Electronic product catalog, interactive spare parts catalog or web shop – whatever you would like to create, we provide you with the ideal solution. The leading standard software in Europe is easy to use so that the customer can easily and intuitively create and use the electronic catalog. Your catalog can be published on the internet, intranet, on CD-ROM or as PDF file. You can also connect the system to your ERP and warehouse systems.

D&TS will be happy to assist you from implementation to customer service.

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This standard software for electronic spare parts catalogs and service information systems can nevertheless be adjusted to your individual requirements. Multilingualism is possible for international use. You will benefit from low maintenance and usage costs. You significantly shorten the production time of your spare parts catalogs. Furthermore, your publications are always up-to-date as you work with a database.


This system solution enables you to efficiently manage the range of assemblies and parts in your company. Parts that have already been used can be quickly and easily found, and can be reused. No additional costs occur for recreating or reconstructing them. You will minimize the variety of your parts, and you will also accelerate your operating processes – and you will save significant costs.


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Using this software will give you access to over 850 certified parts catalogs of international manufacturers. You can import the 3D CAD models of the parts and assemblies directly from there in your CAD system. In addition, you will receive information about connections, manufacturing processes and assembly requirements of components and parts. You can also find spare parts in the databases of your suppliers very quickly. Of course, you can add your parts and products to this solution as well. PARTsolutions for strategic parts management can be used in multiple CAD systems. It can be connected to different CAD systems. It also provides interfaces to PLM and ERP systems.


The master data tool it. master data simplified considerably simplifies data maintenance and increases data quality at the same time. All information on rules and dependencies as well as on process control is managed in it.mds – this way, the intangible knowledge is no longer stored in the minds of the employees, but is always available independent of them.


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The tool maps all rules for creating and maintaining master data in a company: Who is allowed to create, release and change which data? How can you make sure that only allowed fields are changed? And how can this be documented? Evading the rules is impossible. The amount of master data information to be maintained manually is also reduced by up to 90%. If a material has 3615 fields at 60 locations, it.mds reduces the number of fields to 200. This minimizes errors while increasing data quality and integrity – across all locations: In just 60 seconds, a material can be created at 60 locations. At the same time, master data is more closely linked to company processes.
it.mds can be connected to external systems such as PLM or CAD and can be used for data migration and cleansing via LSMW.

Material short text generation

Everybody knows this: The first search for materials in SAP is often performed using the material short text. And why not? The search function can quickly be called and the first results can be examined immediately. A major challenge is to describe an article with only 40 digits. The Material short text generation tool supports this by automatically deriving the material short text from a set of classification attributes.

D&TS will be happy to assist you from implementation to customer service.

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With the material short text generation, you can create consistent material short texts, rule-based per class:

  • In the desired language
  • On the selected material type
  • And according to the rule definition, for example, prefixes and suffixes can be used for enrichment.

For ongoing operation, the material short texts can be generated in the background on a class-wide basis. Whether the rules are correct, can be tested in advance by simulation. Likewise, the same functionality can be used to create the “Size/Dimension” field or the “Purchase Order Text” uniformly. This should make different article descriptions a thing of the past, even in external presentation, e.g., in spare parts catalogs or web stores.

Our internal IT

Our software and application developers work every day on the improvement and further development of the various modules so that you are always up to date.

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